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> What

(( I should really update Tura’s gifs so that she’s a soulbot in them :I ))

(( Hey, just posting some art~ ))

(( Hey, just posting some art~ ))

Tura! Your Matesprit's alive!

> What

> That’s not possible

OOC: So, I just sort of got this idea

Tura promised Thane that she’d never fall for another troll after her, but I mean

Suhana is apparently her descendant

So Tura might still feel okay with that

Also, since Thane did do some vague “self-preservation” parameter modifications on Tura, I suppose that would work. 

> dubiousCreation says that they’re the descendant of your late Matesprit

Tura, I love you

> …

> …

> Why are you doing this

Your Matesprit is telling you that she will die in 24 hours

You cannot accept this fact

She saved your life

You feel red for her and no one else, nor can you imagine doing so

She even built the body you use now and live in

You need her

This can’t be

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Gimme dem ships

Can you st|ll feel external st|mul| as a robot? Th|ngs l|ke pa|n, w|nd, scents, etc?

> To an extent, yes

> Depending on the percentage of synchronization with my emotion core, my sensors may be modified or adjusted in preference as to what they pick up

> I have many synthetic strands implanted into my head, to mimic hair, which serve as sensors for “wind, scents, etc”

> It is very handy

> While my touch sensors that cover most of my body can pick up pressure and texture, physical pain is not registered anymore



an three

  • 1. What series or subject is your character from?

Homestuck :B

  • 2. Briefly describe your character.

She died once, but she got better

  • 3. Why did you pick your character? If OC, how did your character’s creation come about?

Actually, her very first draft came from this:

After that, I just sort of re-vamped her a few times and edited a bunch, then made a tumblr for her.